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Welcome to the MARTINE VITA website

AUTHOR of historical novels including "An Owl in the Night", "At the Foot of the Cuguyons", "Without Arms but Not Without Tears" and "Raoul Ugolini, One of the Maquis Vallier".
Duty of memory.
L' Auteure
martine vita, une chouette dans la nuit, au pied des cuguyons


At the foot of the Cuguyons, Maquis du Haut-Var

In the village, a rumor begins to circulate: young people, requisitioned by the Compulsory Labor Service for Germany, are fleeing the towns and coming to find refuge on the heights and forests near the Gorges du Verdon and Majastre: it is true that new faces have recently appeared, discreet in the streets of the small town, looking for farms for supplies: they look like lumberjacks, but Martin makes no mistake, this gang is not more composed of lumberjacks than he is the mayor of the village... He simply says to himself with hope: the Resistance against the enemy is beginning and is being organized!

Martine Vita

An owl in the night.

Screams, screaming cavalcades so early in the dawn of this day barely emerging from the mists of the night, the streets of the small village perched on a hill in this region of Tuscany suddenly filled with the sound of boots, the clanking of weapons and vociferations....Mussolini's camice Nere are there to drive out the Red...everyone feels in danger and more particularly Martino, secretary of the Town Hall and notorious communist trade unionist...He knows that they came on look for....manganello and castor oil....Vita, the little Gaétan in her arms understands that their life can never again be like before, that they will have to leave, go into exile as Martino has suggested to them several times, it's heartbreaking for her to leave her country but it's that or suffer: no choice, they no longer have a choice from now on...And the owl, messenger of Destiny, accompanies them in their lives of exiles from fascist Italy to France of the Popular Front then to the gates of war. 


Italian by birth, native of Haut Var des Gorges du VERDON, I studied in the Literary section in Draguignan then I left to work in Paris at the age of 20; I returned home, to Marseille in 1980. I have several passions such as History, Italy, more particularly Tuscany where part of my family still lives and  the love of my corner of Provence where I am was born.  But it is in writing that I flourish; author of a first novel published in 2016 “AN OWL IN THE NIGHT” I  tells in this work the heavy past of the life of political exiles: a tribute to my loved ones, where the importance of  “knowing where you come from” is expressed.

In the same vein of the duty of memory, the book AU PIED DES CUGUYONS  relates the years of war in the village of AUPS where my people settled in 1924, more precisely the year 1944 and the creation of the maquis including Camp Robert FTP...the story of my grandfather and my father, of my family  Italians and early resistance fighters and the tragic events that took place in and around the village.

My books

“An Owl in the Night”

“Without weapons but not without tears”

“At the foot of the Cuguyons”

“Raoul UGOLINI known as BEBERT, one of the MAQUIS VALLIER”

Mes livres
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