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Without weapons but not without tears,
by Martine Vita

Un chouette dans la nuit
Without weapons but not without tears

Martino is secretary of a town hall in a small village in Tuscany whose political majority is communist;
When Mussolini, having come to power, promulgated laws against anti-fascists,
the factions of the Black Shirts spread into the towns and villages to try manganello and castor oil on all political opponents.

With his young wife and young child, Martino chose exile in France.

He will work in the forest as a charcoal burner then work in the Haut Var to provide for his family's needs. But Times are uncertain and History is catching up with them.

– And the owl, messenger of Destiny, accompanies them in their life as exiles from fascist Italy to France of the Popular Front then to the gates of war.

A historical novel based on real events and whose common thread is the commitment in the field of a young MERLINETTE of the Signals regiment in 1943  under the authority of General Merlin during the 2nd World War: Clairette AKOUN, her military career, her campaigns in Tunisia, Italy, the landing in Provence and the crossing of France to Germany under the orders of Marshal De Lattre of Tassigny until victory and their return to their homes.

I had to tell their story so as not to forget them, Honors to the MERLINETTES!

An unjustly forgotten memory that I had to write to pay tribute to these young women, some of whom died in combat and whose memory is to this day unjustly forgotten.

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