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At the foot of the Cuguyons, 
by Martine Vita

Au pied des cuguyons
At the foot of the Cuguyons, Maquis du Haut-Var

In the village, a rumor begins to circulate: young people, requisitioned by the Compulsory Labor Service for Germany, are fleeing the towns and coming to find refuge on the heights and forests near the Gorges du Verdon and Majastre: it is true that new faces have recently appeared, discreet in the streets of the small town, looking for farms for supplies: they look like lumberjacks, but Martin makes no mistake, this gang is not more composed of lumberjacks than he is the mayor of the village... He simply says to himself with hope: the Resistance against the enemy is beginning and is being organized!

Martine Vita, at the foot of the cuguyons
ARTICLE PROVENCE, Martine Vita at the foot of the Cuguyons
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